Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chapter 11

I know, I know, it's been a while but someone has had mid terms and has been hogging the damn computer but I hope this will help to make up for the wait. Oh and just a note on the French, I was going to send it to someone to check but I didn't forward the email to this pc, my bad, so sorry for any mistakes

“Say something else.” Twining a strand of her garnet coloured hair around my finger, I stare up at the ceiling and realize that I’m grinning like a kid getting a puppy on Christmas morning.

“Que voulez-vous me dire?” I chuckle, wincing a little as Daze stopped playing with my chest hair and grabbed a handful and tried to tug it out instead.

“Something sexy,” she insists, training those clover green eyes of hers’ on me and I can’t help but push my luck.

“Quelque chose de sexy.” I know the moment I say it I’m going to be punished and I don’t care. I don’t care what she does to me as long as I don’t go to sleep and miss out on any of the time we have left. With a feral cry of protest she straddles me and pins my arms to the bed, or I let her think she does anyway. Truth be told, I could easily throw her off and turn the tables, but why would I? She looks so amazing there, like some kind of Celtic warrior with her hair like a fiery halo around her head and the tribal tats on her muscular arms reminding me that she’d not like any of the weaker sex I’ve ever had the pleasure of having in my bed. This one can, and does, fight back.

“Okay, so tell me something sweet and don’t,” she adds, digging a finger painfully into the centre of my chest, “say quelque chose de sucré.”

“Tu parles français mon petite, c’est bien,” I tell her, reaching forward to run my fingers up the soft, smooth skin of her thighs. “Ton peau est si douce, si pale. Tue s comme la lune et comme le soleil en même temps.” The cat like glow of her eyes settles down into a dull flicker as she slides her hands up to my shoulders and then slowly settles herself on top of me, her soft round breasts pressing against my chest as she nearly comes nose to nose with me.

“That’s better,” she whisper, her lips so close and yet too far away to kiss. “Now say something else.”

“Tue s un peu coquine exigeants, mais très jolie,” I tell her, reaching up to brush her hair back from her face. I almost expect it to burn my fingers, the way she’s already burned her way into my soul. “Je pense que je suis en amour avec toi.” It’s out before I can edit it, before I can take it back and I know the minute her saucy little smile is exchanged for an expression of stunned silence that I can’t hope that she doesn’t know what I’ve said. “Maybe it’s crazy,” I continue, half in fear that she’ll grab all of her stuff and go charging out into the hall again, “but tell me you don’t feel something too.”

“Yeah but...you’re...you’re Mad Max, you don’t have feelings,” she says in this shocked voice that barely disguises the trembling in her voice that gives away her true feelings. She goes to push up and away from me but I wrap her in my arms and roll us over until my entire body is pinning hers’ to the bed.

“Am I such a monster ma petite that you have to run from me? What if I do have feelings, hmmm? What if I were to say vous avez volé mon âme?” She stares up at me with this adorably defiant pout and then turns her gaze from mine.

“I don’t know what you just said so if you’re just teasing me, you can stop now. You’re hurting my feelings.” I try not to but I end up laughing as I press my lips to her cheek, the shell of her ear and the quick pulse beating just under the skin of her neck.

“I do not tease, mon petit chaton. I think it’s you who is the tease here. I am bearing my soul to you and you will not even look at me.” I wait until she slowly, reluctantly turns her pretty face back and then I capture it in my hands. “C’est mieux. Now, you’ve stolen my heart, ma déesse celtique, so what are we going to do about it?” 

It’s a game changer. It’s like making it through a double minor five on three and then popping in a shortie. As we lie there in the dark, me staring up at the ceiling with my arm around her, her cheek on my chest, her fingers splayed on my skin, I know that my life is going to be different from now on. I think I should be scared. I’m not. I’m actually way too fucking calm and that’s what scares me. Not that there will never be another woman in my bed. I’ve had my share and I always knew that when I made this choice that this would be it, no more fucking around with faceless sluts, no more one night stands, no more bailing from strange rooms in the middle of the night. One woman, forever and that’s okay with me. After all, as I look down at her dark hair falling across my arm and she turns those crazy aquamarine blue eyes at me, I can’t help but think, how could anything be better than this?

“Hey,” I kiss the top of her head and she snuggles closer, making one of those happy little kitten sounds and that makes me smile. Yeah, Gronk might be off the market but that isn’t what has me awake right now.

I’m just wondering if my brother will ever speak to me again.


“Mon ami, Staaalsy are you awake in there?”  I groaned. Kens giggled and pulled the sheets up over her head.

“If you’ve run out of condoms, you’ll have to walk to the store. I’m out,” I called back, which made Kensey snort as she dug her fingers into my ribs causing me to squirm.

“Don’t be a dick!” He called back and I grudgingly reminded myself that I had caught him and Daze in the act.

“Hold on,” I grumbled and reached for the last two remaining condoms left from the strip he’d given me earlier. I’d had plans for these, like in the morning and then maybe in the shower. I guess I’ll be the one making the trip to the nearest 7-11 before I go to sleep. “Now you’re just showin’ off,” I snap as I pull the door open to find not only Max but Daze in the hallway with him. “Uh...no offence man, and I know we’ve done it before but...I’m not into sharing Kens,” I mutter, keeping my voice low as I glance over my shoulder. I really don’t want to know if Kens is into it.
“No offence man, but been there, done that,” Max leans forward and whispers with that ‘I’m totally fucking with you’ look on his face.  “Where’s Kens? We have an announcement.” I stand there like a mannequin while he brushes by me, tugging Daze behind him. I stare after him, wondering if anyone would actually arrest me for killing him.

“Max...Daze, I’m so glad you’re here.” The sarcasm that drips from Kensey’s lips makes me smile.

“We’re getting married.” I’ve often said that nothing, and I do mean nothing, Max could say or do would surprise me anymore and yet I find myself staring at him with my mouth hanging open. I turn to Kensey, hoping she’ll say or do something that will make sense but she just sits there in the bed with the sheets pulled up loosely around her, watching him expectantly like what he’s just said isn’t completely outrageous. She doesn’t look like she’s concerned about her modesty, but then, I remind myself, Daze has probably seen her naked a hundred times and then there’s Max.... “Look, I’m not stupid. I’ve been with some women in my life...,” he waits for us to make a comment but I’m still too stunned to speak and Kens merely raises her eyebrow at him. “Okay, a lot of women, but I know when I’ve met my match,” he adds, turning and laying a gentle kiss on Daze’s forehead. She beams up at him like he’s the most amazing thing in the entire world. I think I’m gonna be sick.

“So what are you gonna do? Fly down to Vegas tonight?” Kens asks, like she’s actually interested in the answer.

“No,” Daze grins up at Max as she wraps her arms around his chest. “There’s a place, a wedding Chapel in Germantown that can take care of it all. We looked on line. They’ll even do the paperwork to waive the three day waiting period.”

“I think a waiting period might be a good idea,” I mutter and then everyone turns towards me like I’ve just pissed in the punch. “What? Oh c’mon, you guys just met.”

“That’s not strictly true,” Daze purrs and closes her eyes as she lays her cheek against Max’s chest.

“She’s had a thing for him ever since you became a Pen J-boy,” Kens smiles up at me and holds her hand out, inviting me back to bed. “They’re adults. It’s their decision. Ours is not to question why but...I’m guessing to stand up for you as your witnesses?” She looks from Daze to Max as I walk around them, careful not to get too near. I may have decided that I’m off the market but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to sign over half of everything I own tonight.

“You will, mon ami? Pour moi, s’il vous plaît?” 

“This is so against everything I stand for,” Jordan grumbles as I pin a corsage onto his sweatshirt. They had suits to rent but none of them fit the wide shoulders and thick, muscular legs of a hockey player, so a corsage is the best I can do to dress him up.

“I had no idea you were anti- marriage,” I muse, smoothing the thick cotton material across his chest. “That might change things.”

“That’s not what I meant. I meant for him, for Max...not me,” he mumbles, sounding deadly serious which makes me smile, but I don’t look up at him, don’t let him see that I think it’s funny that he’s suddenly as nervous as a virgin on grad night.
“Mmm is that so?” Pressing my hands flat against the solid wall of his stomach, I turn my gaze up to meet his and my knees buckle, just a little. He’s got that expression on his face again, thunder and lightning making his blue eyes gray.

“This isn’t a joke,” he snarls and my heart races. I’ve rarely seen my Jordy so serious and I can only remember him looking this... agitated once; when he watched me walk away from him to his brother. I’d been too hurt and angry to think of it as sexy then but now....

“I honestly don’t think that either of them thinks that this is a joke. I think they’re just both really...I guess emotional people and they know what they want and they’re just going for it,” I explain but just as I go to take my hands back he grabs both of my arms by the wrists and clamps down, hard.

“Are you saying you don’t think I know what I want?” he asks in a voice that’s both hoarse and at the same time thick with emotion as his storm filled eyes search mine. I think about pushing the easy button and lightening the mood with some flippant comment that will ease the tension of the moment but then I decide that even when it’s hurt like hell I’ve always been honest with him, so why start with the half truths and white lies now?

“I’m saying I don’t know how you feel Jordan,” I whisper, as I wonder why it is that I like the feel of his fingers digging into the thin skin of my wrists.

“I said that I love you,” he hisses back at me as I stare down at his long, thick fingers.

“No,” I correct him, looking back up into those blue eyes of his. “I said it for you and you’re the one who thinks this is a joke.” I watch his nostrils flare as he takes a deep breath and then he uses his grip on me to pull me against him right before he presses his mouth down over mine in a bruising kiss that bends my back to the point where I’m relying on his vice like grip on my wrists to stop me from falling.

“I do love you,” he growls, his lips barely lifted from mine, “and I don’t plan on taking the rest of our lives together lightly.” My heart soars, beating so hard in my chest I assume he can not only hear it but must be able to see it too as he now gently pulls me upright and wraps his big, strong arms around me. “I told you, I’m not letting you go, not now, not ever. Get it through that thick skull of yours woman.”

“Hey, hey, I’m the one getting married here.” We both turn to look at Max who has managed to squeeze himself into a shiny sort of grey suit that looks like it was lifted from the set of The Sopranos, complete with a glossy purple tie. I have no doubt in my mind that Daze will love it.  

“Speaking of which, I should get to your lady love. Make sure she hasn’t come to her senses and run off,” I grin at Max before quickly turning to offer my lips up to Jordan, one more time. This time the kiss he offers is soft and quick, more of a peck really, but the look in his eyes says that there will be more, later.

As if there was any doubt. 

“Don’t look at me like that.” Which is really Jordan not looking at me at all. “So you and Kens eh mon ami? All good? À nouveau ensemble?”

“Yeah...yeah I guess,” he answers, staring after Kens, although she’s gone, out of sight. I understand what he’s feeling. I just want Daze to be back with me. I want to hold her hand and kiss her...yeah...I really, really want to kiss her.

“You think I’m nuts, don’t you?” Jordan glances over at me and then back at the doors through which Kensey walked through.

“Maybe a little, yeah,” he replies with a shrug and then finally turn and faces me. “Dude...you don’t really know her. I mean, Daze is...she’s...she’s cool but...marriage...you? It’s like...the opposite of you,” he mumbles and then shakes his head before shrugging his massive shoulders again. “I mean...whatever man, I’m not gonna tell you what to do or whatever but...I’ll just have to kill if you hurt her, y’know?” I nod and for a minute it feels like the tension is finally easing but then he gets that serious look on his face and I know that I’m not going to get off that easy. “You’re not just doing this because of Kris are you?” I shake my head. It would be easy to say that, that because it seems like me and TK are the last single guys left on the team, but it’s not.

“You know how they say you’ll know, tu sais?” He nods but doesn’t look enthused about where I’m going with this. “Je sais. I thought it was total bullshit too, mais...then I felt it and I don’t want to stop feeling it. You understand...I mean you feel the same, oui?” After heaving a huge sigh and another glance towards the still closed double doors, he nods.

“Yeah, I’m totally fucked,” he replies and then he looks over at me and even though I can see fear in his blue eyes, he’s smiling. “Fucking women,” he adds, shaking his head.

I’m about to open my mouth to say something along the lines of ‘can’t live with them, can’t live without them when the door opens and Kensey is standing there in this little black strapless number. Before, even a few days ago, that would have held my full attention but not tonight...or is it this morning? Now all I can see is Daze in simple white lace sleeveless dress with a black velvet ribbon at her waist and all of her carrot coloured  glory piled up behind a simple black velvet headband and my mouth goes dry and my palms get sweaty and all of a sudden I’m grinning like someone’s about to hand me the Stanley fucking Cup.


  1. wow..max getting married. cant say i ever expected that, cause i hadnt but i like it though. and jordan and kens are too cute.

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